Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazing manifestation of Elephant on Ryvita

Aided by the eye of faith, astonished readers of the Mabinogogiblog are treated to the miraculous appearance of an elephant on this piece of Ryvita.

Awestruck viewers will be astonished to learn that there was no conscious effort to depict said pachyderm. In fact, the owner of the Ryvita has never been schooled in butter art, and his only comment was that it provided a pleasant snack with a thin overlay of Marmite that added nothing to its artistic merit.

Experts in the field of miraculous images in food believe that this is a thought-form manifested by the frequent references to Elephant-in-the-room, relating to the fact that obvious solutions to common political problems are often not addressed by the political establishment - the most notable current example being the failure to purchase the Afghan opium crop and put it to medical use.


DocRichard said...

Well? Weggis??

weggis said...

If you put another Ryvita on top, squeeze and then open and place side by side you will see Butter fly.

DocRichard said...

Weggis, I forgive you for the irreverence of your tone.

BTW Ryvita is a useful emergency substitute for cereals like Carn Flokes and Weetipops. Just crumble up 2 or 3 Ryvita add milk and sugar and crunch away.

I told Ryvita this for free, but they made no answer.

weggis said...

I forgive you for misinterpreting the irreverence of my tone.