Monday, September 07, 2009

Green Party Conference

Leaving the Green Party Conference, Brighton (well, Hove, actually), I feel a bit flat, mainly because I realise that the imaginative Party Election Broadcast that I was lobbying for is probably not going to be taken up. The scenario that gets enthusiastic endorsements from non-Green Party people is received with polite "Interesting" comments from the Party's decision makers. In the last hour I have thought up an alternative use for the film, so I feel a bit better.

The Green Party is making progress, but the progress is far too slow considering the deteriorating situation in the planet's ice fields and weather patterns. I remind myself that we are a small part of a very big movement, and that a shift is taking place in peoples' consciousness, that social catastrophe theory predicts that social changes are unpredictable, and that the politicians will awake from there slumber when something like the Great Flood of London takes place, but even so, it is hard to watch our beautiful home being trashed by ignorance, greed and militarism, but even so, it is difficult to maintain optimism.

The train journey from Hove to London is occupied with a conversation with Andy Hewett, the Party's new Campaigns Coordinator, who is intelligent, committed and energetic. Good. We discuss the Police Violence problem, and hatch out a little plan.

Came home knackered, slept a long time, and today had a meeting with Fred and Olice on a YouTube scheme to help save the planet. Can't keep away from it...

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What was your good idea? If it's not for publication, maybe you could email me?

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