Friday, September 04, 2009

Green Party l

Blogging from the Green Party Conference at Hove. It is a wonderful experience, with an enormous sense of unity, common purpose and progress. The plenary debates and workshops are crisp and clear, there is no tension at all between the old and new, the centre and the local, and everyone is happy, at one with themselves and each other. There are masses of journalists from all the major national and international outlets here, asking searching yet intelligent and balanced questions regarding our policies; they seem genuinely excited by the notion that there is a political party that is developing policies, unalloyed by corporate donations, to create a sustainable and happy future for mankind.

Outside the sun is shining, and the clouds are scudding by, bearing seagulls swooping and wheeling, pure expressions of freedom. Among the seagulls I thought I noticed a couple of round pink mammals with flat round noses joining them in the joy of flight.


weggis said...

I recall someone remarking about a previous conference "Too many suits for my liking".

Please report. Is the absence of tension because the suits or the anti-suits have stayed away or have they come to an understanding?

DocRichard said...

I wore a suit to Conference once, when I was Speaker, in case I had to do an interview. I got some dirty looks. Another time we had a tie and jacket for interviews, but one size did not fit all.

I came away with the overall feeling that there were no deep rifts, just a few mutterings. We have no holy Text to disagree over, unlike Christians and Marxists, and those who view the MfSS as a Holy Text can go back in and amend it. Maybe the Marxists and Christians should take a leaf from our book...