Friday, October 16, 2009

Barclays Bank gagged Guardian over offshore tax scam,

Here's another bloody gag on the Guardian, this time from Freshfields, not Carter-Cuck.
From Wikileaks: "The documents are copies of alleged internal memos from within Barclays Bank. The documents reveal a number of elaborate international tax avoidance schemes by the SCM (Structured Capital Markets) division of Barclays.

According to these documents, Barclays has been systematically assisting clients to avoid huge amounts of tax they should be liable for across multiple jurisdictions."

This happened last March. Here's the Guardian reporting the ban, after they had pulled the original papers.
Heres the story about it.

We can be sure that Chancellor Alistair Darling gave Barclay's a real telling off about the scam. Or he may have given them a frown with his eyebrows. Or maybe he solicited a donation to the Labour Party. We are not in a position to know, are we?

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