Friday, October 16, 2009

Trafigura Updates: the saga unfolds in real time

In order to prevent the earlier posts on the Trafigura Toxic Waste saga from getting messy, this post will hold all the updates as I come across them, newest-found at top.

Here's a clear audio file of the saga.

Oil-trader Trafigura is under police investigation in Norway, accused of illegal import of waste. The waste was brought to Norway on the Probo Emu in 2006, and is identical to the waste that Trafigura shipped to the Ivory Coast on the Probo Koala.

The Norwegian police have been investigating Trafigura for more than a year and a half, but so far nobody in the company has been willing to give statement or answer questions from the Norwegian police.

– We are surprised, and have the impression that Trafigura is not interested in assisting in the investigation, says Hans Tore Høviskeland, head of prosecution in Økokrim.

8 August 2008 UN reports that the sites around Côte d'Ivoire's biggest city where hundreds of tons of toxic waste were illegally dumped two years ago have still not been decontaminated and continue to threaten the health of residents, a United Nations human rights expert warned today. Full report here.

16 September 2009 UN report finds that evidence indicates that the dumping of toxic wastes caused over one dozen deaths and dozens of illnesses in Côte d’Ivoire in 2006, an independent United Nations human rights expert said today.

16/10/09 Farter-Cuck is now trying to stop Parliament from debating Carter-Ruck
Will Parliament, bent double under the weight of its expenses worries, bend the knee to the snorting silks?

Hooray! Harriet Harperson has told the courts to ruck off.

Looks as if the story that Carter-Ruck solicitors use cocaine and prostitutes is speculation and rumour posted by an anti-Scientology campaigner who had been rucked over by the firm, but he does have a nice page showing their rascally faces.

The Times was gagged by Farter-Cuck on 11th September, but apparently did not have the nous of the Guardian, who front-paged the fact that they were not allowed to say anything.

On 19 December 2008 a court in Amsterdam ruled that the head of Dutch multinational firm Trafigura, which was accused of dumping toxic waste in the Ivory Coast from its vessel the Probo Koala in August 2006, should be immune from prosecution.

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