Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Global Heating? Get on a bus then.

It's blog action day. Participants are all to write on the same topic, and today's topic is Climate Change.

Well, the politicos are wallowing in a morass of virtuous verbiage, but resolutely and decisively avoiding making any resolute decisions that might offend either the carbon killer companies or Daily Mail readers.

So I have a very simple suggestion for the Government: Make public transport cheaper.
That will take cars off the road. Hypothecate Road Tax to a Public Transport Fare Subsidy Fund.

Got it, Gordon? Got it Ed?

Not difficult, is it?

The journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step.

[update: what I should have posted is below]

To all the climate change deniers out there, you must understand that in the end, this is not an academic debate, because we and our children are part of the experiment. The consensus among scientists (yes, with a few exceptions, as is always the case in science) is that we should decarbonise our economy as a matter of urgency.

Let's take a bookie's eye view of the matter.

Say we decarbonise our economy, and it turns out (unlikely as that may be) that IPCC view is wrong? Well, we will have created hundreds of thousands of jobs in insulation and renewable energy manufacturing and taken thousands out of fuel poverty. Not bad, but that's not all. We will also have reduced the shock of Peak Oil and Peak Gas, and reduced the acidification of the oceans. And addressed our energy security problems. And increased prosperity in hot countries. Not bad, not bad at all.

Say on the other hand, we go the way of the denialists/skeptics, and it turns out, as per all reasonable expectations, that they are wrong? We will have problems with energy security, Peak Oil, Peak Gas, acidified oceans, acid rain, fuel poverty, unemployment, poverty, civil unrest and finally, massive, catastrophic climate disruption from droughts, floods, crop failures, disease, and war. With massive migration caused by environmental collapse. Not good.

Any sensible punters would put their money on decarbonising the global economy.


Anonymous said...

+1 to more public transport. I sold my car a few years ago. Here’s my post for Blog Action Day:

Everyone else go make one too!

DocRichard said...

Good link, Guy. Let's take it to the denialist trolls.