Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conspiracy or Carter-Ruckup? Who knows?

What the Carter-Ruck? WTC-R? Can you believe their chutzpah? Their arrogance? Could it be cocaine-fuelled self-importance?

Carter-Ruckup have written to the Speaker telling him that MPs cannot discuss their precious Minton Report, which is downloadable here, and which has its own Twitter account: #mintonreport.

They really are off their heads. Out of touch with reality. On a different planet. Psychotic. Bonkers. And I say that as a qualified psychiatrist, knowing it is non PC to use these terms, but They Made Me Say It.

Oh, btw, the wonderful super-injunction that no-one is allowed to know about can be viewed here, but before you look at itI should warn you that you may be arrested, fined, or have your assets seized. Or maybe that's just for the poor blogger that uploaded it. Maybe you just get to have your eyes gouged out and your tongue cauterised. I don't know, I'm not a lawyer.

(shuffles off to bed, muttering repeatedly "I don't believe it")

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