Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alex Jones shock jock The Climate Conspiracy

Alex Jones an American "film maker and radio host" has an 8 minute rant here, pumping the UEA hack data into evidence of a global conspiracy of private banks, a new form of derivative, the Carbon Credits, devised by Goldman Sachs, al Gore, George Soros and Hitler. Well, he did mention Hitler, maybe I got the context wrong. The World Bank and IMF are in on the act, Obama and Soros are going to make a trillion give away Carbon Credits, which is worse than the Piltdown Hoax. Carbon Credits are a Ponzi scheme. Al Gore has got rich riding the wve of Carbon Credits. Said bankers pushed the global scientists to flasify data so that they can enforce an evil financial dictatorship on the world.
The Scientists are wrong because temperature leads CO2, not the reverse.
The Sun is the main driver of climate change.

Nice man. I think he may be what is called a shock jock.

Anyway, the AGW Conspiracy Theory cat is yowlingly out of the bag.

PS: If you think that was a shock jock, look at the Ethical Man being shouted at by another one.
Do not watch this if you have an emotional nature.
These people are absolutely incredible. They have got to be bad for your health.

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