Monday, June 28, 2010

Back from Glastonbury

As you may have noticed, the Mabinogogiblog has been blank for a few days, on account of I have been at Glastonbury. Which was. as it is each year, the best festival ever, but this year, as well as being a perfect festival, the weather was also perfect. As you know.

I tweeted as much as the battery would allow. See tweets below and to the right.
Came back today, crawled out of the site in a procession of happy but tired campers, followed by an hour's drive through the beautiful Somerset lanes, all dolled out in their finest finery.

Then the Readjustment. It was not too bad, first, plunging straight into anxious watering of plants, but all were well, thanks to our neighbour who watered the tomatoes in the greenhouse. The water butts are getting low, only three still delivering. Set about making a base for the next one - to be set in parallel with an existent butt taking from a big area. Woodwork was therapeutic, and also a spell in the hammock.

I have a few photos of the festival, and more memories than you would want me to detail here.  I will try to do it on Facebook.  


Unknown said...

well I never, I had no idea you were so trendy! Glastonbury indeed! I love to watch it on TV, but I'm scared in crowds so it would send me to a clinic! loved Dizee rascal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Queen
There is something weird about crowds of this size. Especially if you've got separated from your party, and are scanning every face to (try to) find your friends.

That's why armies developed flags - to see who was who and where they were.

We had our very own compost loo in a tent next to our van. The compost loos were fantastic - no odour at all. I'm going to try to get more installed next year.

I'm sure you are enjoying the sun - like being magically transported
to southern France, without the expense and the carbon guilt. Looking forward to a couple of days of rain now.

Doc R (aonymous here because i cannot get Google to recognise my existence)

Anonymous said...

PS I can spell anonymous really, but not so good at checking things.