Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tories and Crypto-Tories: what is wrong with them?

I have lots to do today, like getting my feet 6" lower so they are in contact with the ground, but I do just want to say this to Frank Field, George Osbore, and all other Tories and crypto-Tories who are tooling up to bash benefit claimants:

Look; it is all well and good to encourage and prepare people to take work when it is available. But what in the name of all that is sane and reasonable is the point of tormenting people on JSA, disability benefit &c &c when there is no effing work to be had? It's like explaining the physiology of deglutition in detail to a man dying from thirst. He doesn't want to be taught how to swallow, you idiots, he needs some bloody water! There are two million unemployed, and you think it's going to help by making people on incapacity benefit make a conceptual transition to work readiness?

There's no excuse. The Green Wage Subsidy is the way to help people to find good, green, useful work, in a bureaucracy-lite way that is a precursor to Citizen's Income.

Pah. Politicians and politics. They should be all be given swimming lessons in the non-composting loos at Glastonbury Festival. Honestly. Why do we bother?

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