Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lansley's NHS reform: more testiculations all round

As a GP I ought to say something about Lansley's plan for the NHS.

There now follows a pause while I collect my thoughts, and search for a word that will not result in this blog being blocked by filth filters. Aha:


Basically, it is another enormous waste of money, as jobs are shuffled around, buildings vacated, and headed notepaper is changed.

I chaired a Locality Commissioning Group in the 1990s. In those days, we had no money or powers. Now the same group will have millions, and a huge remit, which GPs will not be able to do, as they have the inconvenience of treating peoples sniffles, so they will engage managers to do it for them. SNAFU.

Yes, it is another step in the direction of privatisation. Every change brought on the NHS is about privatisation. Part of the strategy is to waste so much money on reorganisation that there is no sniffle service, so peeps are forced to go private.

I'm going to stop now. Blood pressure.


Altany Craik said...

I totally agree that each step is to head us towards privatisation. The NHS model needs reinforced not dismantled. GPs are not administrators and didn't become doctors to manage budgets and negotiate deals with other departments.
SNAFU is indeed correct. I am surprised the tories havent scrapped the lot with a patient premium you can spend at doctors are us. Testicles!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, a BMA leader said in private conversation that the DoH civil servants are determined to privatise the NHS, and every "reform", under Labour or under Conservatives, is a step further. The serial organisational changes serve to soften us up.

I chaired a Locality Commissioning Group back in the 90s. We had no power and no money, but we got a few things done.

One problem that I see from my direct experience (anecdotal evidence warning!)is that the NHS in particular, and GPs in particular, are crap at meetings.
They are as bad as, if not worse than, the Green Party at running efficient, decisive meetings.

Thanks for commenting
(commenting as Anonymous because there is no way that I can find to get Google to recognise me, ever since I got an iPhone)

CompleteNP said...

What Sir Humphrey wants, Sir Humphrey gets ...