Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Google Earth climate model: our choice

At the FCO site, you can download a Google Earth map that shows what our home planet may be like if the temperature rises by 4 degrees Celsius.

We now have a choice.

If we trust the opinion of the 97% of scientists who subscribe to AGW, and choose to decarbonise the economy, we will:
1  mitigate AGW
2  mitigate the effects of Peak Oil
3  increase our energy security
4  reduce ocean acidification
5  stimulate the economy by creating employment in the energy conservation and renewable energy sectors of the economy.

If we trust the 3% of scientists who doubt AGW, we will
1  run the risk of bequeathing to succeeding generations all the problems suggested in this model
2  experience a sharp Peak Oil crisis whenever it arrives
3  experience increasing energy insecurity (Russian gas, anyone?)
4  experience repeats of the Deepwater oil spill as the corporations drill in ever deeper and more hostile waters,
5  experience ever-increasing ocean acidification
6  face the risk of a double dip recession without the stimulus offered by the Green New Deal.

Of these two options, the first seems to have much to recommend it.

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