Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coulson: journalist hacking amnesty needed

The news that the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to give up its half-hearted pursuit of Andy Coulson, Cameron's mendacious spinmeister, comes as no surprise. The CPS it was that took the extraordinary decision not to advise the News of the World's original victims that they had been hacked.  The CPS is part of the police service, and there is evidence that the police have been taking money from the NoTW, so effectively they would be investigating themselves.

The reason given by the CPS is that none of the many journalists who can testify that Coulson knew of the hacking are willing to give their names. Well, duh. Of course not, they would be incriminating themselves, and liable to be prosecuted for breaking the law.

So, as the Green Party Conference has said, there is a need for an amnesty on all journalists involved in phone hacking, so that the truth can come out and we can start again with a clean sheet.

Here is a link to the Ballad of Andy Coulson.


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