Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting into the spirit of Christmas thanks to the snow

The Arctic lets its tongue loll out, gas cools to crystals, paints the world white for once.
Everything is changed, charged with light, made new.
Work slides away.
Winter has come to play.

I had a post here about snow. The obvious: everyone except emergency services should stay home and play when it snows in the UK. It should be perfeckly clear now that wheels are not suited to snow, being as how they require friction. The best transport on snow is slidy things like Nordic skis, which make getting about - up and down slopes, and along flat ground - fun. Except where cars and scrapers have cleared the snow away.

 Then we can enjoy this sort of thing.

I was on my skis on the hill, looking over to Bristol Lulsgate Airport a few miles to the north, where hundreds of dispirited and frustrated would be travellers are waiting to go ...skiing in foreign parts. Ha.

Normally at this time of year I am heading for Christmas gloom, a combination of dark days, and rebellion at the consumer fest. Notably TheSpite of Christmas Present , Baby Jesus Bunny in the headlights and my own special Solistice Ballad.  

This year has been better, thanks to the snow, and also to inspiration from Christmas enthusiasts like Dalekette.

Yesterday I went up the hill through snow laden trees, watched Joe and Laurie (sons) take off in paraglider, walked dog back down snowy path pub to meet up with un-dead sons, then home to roast vegetables, chess, relax and chat by warm wood fire. Sprigs of holly.

So, though not exackly HoHoHo, this is me getting into the spirit of Christmas.

And here is a lovely Christmas gift from the Cleggeron to all good children everywhere. Peace and Goodwill.

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