Saturday, February 05, 2011

Murdoch's Fox News spreading rumours on Suleiman Assassination attempt?

Fox News (prop. Murdoch R) claimed on Feb 4 that an unnamed "senior Obama administration official" confirmed that an attack was made on Mubarak's  new Vice President on Jan 29.

Senior Egyptian sources denied the story to Reuters.

Next, Richard Engel, and NBC newsman, tweeted last night " re-reports of assassination attempt against Suleiman. US source says "NO evidence of any attempt...rumor originated with media."

So who was the  senior Obama administration official that Fox spoke to? Or did they just hack his voice mail?

[update: The source, a German diplomat (not US, Fux News cant even get that right)  was Wolfgang Ischinger, host of the Munich Security conference. He has now retracted his statement.]

It looks as if Murdox News is spreading rumours and disinformation designed to boost sympathy for Mubarak.

And Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to let Murdoch buy Sky News so that he can bring this poisonous rumour mongering to a screen near you.

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