Saturday, February 05, 2011

Seven demands from the Tahrir (Liberation) protesters in Egypt

Seven demands have been reportedly forwarded by the Tahrir Square protesters to the government that should be immediately be met for them to end protests: 
1. Resignation of the president
2. End of State of Emergency
3. Dissolution of The People's Assembly and Shora Council
4. Formation of a national transitional government
5. An elected Parliament that will amend the Constitution to allow for presidential elections
6. Immediate prosecution for those responsible for deaths of the revolution's martyrs
7. Immediate prosecution of  corrupt people & those who robbed the country of its wealth


Anonymous said...

mubark has to go and the US has to be behind the yong people demanding democracy

Anonymous said...

Mubarak must be tried for the murder of almost 300 protesters.
And the protesters should be congratulated for their extraordinary courage and self-control.