Monday, August 15, 2011

Newsnight, MacKenzie, second chance

Dear Newsnight

I know that formal complaints are unpleasant for all concerned, so I am giving you a second chance to respond informally to this email. If not answered within a week, I will instigate formal complaint proceedings, which will hurt me more than it will hurt you. So be it.

I would like to make an informal complaint about Newsnight's use of Kelvin MacKenzie as a commentator. You will be aware from the Twitter stream which had him trending after his inclusion in the discussion on august 9th. He is not a popular figure. He said that there was no need to "understand" the root causes of the riots. Since your audience watches Newsnight in the (sometimes vain) hope of gaining some understanding of the issues in the news, this makes him an inappropriate guest.

I have heard him say on another occasion, possibly on Newsnight or maybe Question Time, that the intent of his journalism is to "make people angry". We are witnessing in the riots what happens when people are angry. It is a destructive emotion, not one to be cultivated, especially in these times, and certainly not on a programme that purports to carry serious debate and comment with a view to increasing understanding.

I am hoping for a simple straight assurance that MacKenzie will not be invited in again. If there is no reply to this email, I will convert it into a formal complaint.

This is your second chance.

Thank you

Richard Lawson


HGH Therapy Florida said...

I am with you Richard, we will make it possible...MacKenzie should be in here again

Adam said...

This cannot truly work, I believe so.