Friday, August 12, 2011

Tories are to be understood and pitied, not condemned

HT Owen Williams

Watching the news, in jaw-dropping horror, as the right wing politicians' mindless orgy of  rage smashes at the fabric of society, punishing feckless mums for the sins of their offspring, threatening councils with massive bills for re-housing problem families in hotels after they have been driven out of their council houses, committing untold millions of tax-payers' hard-earned money in self-defeating schemes like withdrawing benefits from rioters, it is easy to feel angry and upset with them.

But we mustn't.

We must try to understand them.

Remember that your average Tory politician was first wet-nursed then controlled by a nanny, turfed out of his family home at the tender age of 7, packed off to a stinking boarding school to be abused physically and possibly sexually by elder children, equally emotionally deprived, made to "fag" for them, living in a self absorbed bubble, isolated from society...

Is it any wonder that Tories have no understanding of what is going on in the real world?

We must try to understand more and condemn less. They are to be pitied, not treated with contempt.

What we really need to do is to make sure that never again are their well-manicured soft hands allowed to get near to the levers of power.


hazel said...

...and all Greens wear garments made of knitted nettle soup etc etc etc.

Satire needs an element of truth to be even vaguely amusing.

tabithatwitchetty said...

Sadly Hazel the current crop of politicos do do have a private school background. They may not have been fags, or been abused etc, but they ceratinly do not have a clue about the lives of real people, let alone the underclass.

tabithatwitchetty said...

eek..please excuse Sunday morning typos...

DocRichard said...

Hazel, the truth is that Tories DO need understanding. Everyone needs understanding. Their childhood background is of interest, not just of its over-privilege in terms of money, but in terms of under-privilege in terms of home life.

The aim is to express the understanding of Tories in the same terms as that which was extended to underprivileged by cod sociologists in the 60s.

You make my point exactly in referring to the ancient, played-out stereotype of Greens.

But if I have to explain it to ya, there aint no point in trying to explain it. To paraphrase Fats Waller.

Now let's get on with the serious business of deciding what to do to prevent a recurrence.