Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liam Fox has a safe seat, cannot be voted out

I have stood against Liam Fox in General Elections in 1997 and 2001. Fox has a safe seat in Woodspring: He regularly polls 44%, about 11% above the second runner, who is usually LibDem, although Labour came second in 2001.

Normally during General Elections candidates go out of their way to be civil and polite to each other.

I found Liam Fox not to be like that.

So I look forward to his soon-to-be-announced resignation from his post as Secretary of State for Defence, not least because Fox was keen to do business with members of the Sri Lanka Government who are under suspicion of committing war crimes against Tamils.

It is also karma for his support for the Young Britons Foundation, whose leader likes torture.

It is galling that because he has a safe seat, the Conservative voters of Woodspring will continue to vote him in come what may, while the Labour and LibDem candidates continue to fool their supporters into thinking that they really can oust him by voting Labour or LibDem.

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