Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Bristol and the Air Ambulance

In view of the controversy about the Occupy Bristol protest on College Green,
I have emailed the Wings Aeromedical Group here, along these lines:

 I would be grateful if you could let me know how many times College Green has been used for a landing site for an air ambulance in the last 10 years. Is it indeed a suitable site? Would it not be a good idea to adapt the roof of the BRI to act as a helipad?

We must accept that even if the answer is zero, there is still a finite chance that College Green could be required tomorrow. In that case, the tents could be removed in 3 minutes. In fact the downwash from the rotors would probably remove them automatically.

The Air Ambulance thing is another bullsh*t reason to be used against Occupy, like the faux Health and Safety arguments used at St Pauls and OccupyWallSt.

Funny how the Right rails against H&S, but is then prepared to use it when convenient.


Anonymous said...

dude, the BRI should have a helipad already. college green is a site for landing a chopper in the event there is an urgent thingy near to college green. Dunno what the confusion is. Anyway- I think they're more concerned about more permanent structures and, as you say, they're just seeking bullshit reasons.

DocRichard said...

I would settle for seeking bullshit reasons.