Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drawing a line under Andrew Mitchell episode

Some want to draw a line under the Andrew Mitchell #gategate/#plebgate episode.


We can draw a line under it when Mitchell resigns.

He should resign because he has accused the coppers of lying. 
Coppers do lie in their evidence, but this time they are not, because
  1. They made notes and Mitchell did not
  2. Mitchell had lost his rag and they had not. In a temper, you say things you don't remember
  3. Mitchell is a politician and politicians are the biggest liars of all.
Lots of people (three) on Twitter argued that policemen are liars too. This is true, but politicians are without doubt bigger liars than policemen. Probably even tabloid journalists are bigger liars than policemen.
Cameron should get shot of Mitchell because there are loads of bullies in the Tory party who can do his job.

The End.

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