Thursday, September 27, 2012

Plan for a DIY outboard motor flood-water pump

Commiserations to people affected by flooding.

Each time there is a flooding incident, this blog mentions the open-source plan for a low-cost, effective, high-volume, low-head pump ideally suited to shifting flood waters.

For any DIY enthusiasts, garden shed engineers and entrepreneurs out there, if you click here you can find out how to build a pump using an outboard motor and few intermediate technology skills.

I made one myself and tested it in the Congresbury Yeo. It worked very well.

Of course, the best thing to do is to make one now if you are in a potentially flood affected area.


Justin Chan said...

thank for this interesting post .
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DocRichard said...

Thanks Justin.
Does your company make outboards? Do you know what is the most common size of outboard? Shall we make a frame for this size and market it, since nobody seems to want to make one themselves?

Remember that the pump also has a use as a stand for the outboard when it is in storage. The only add-ons are a filter and a discharge tube.