Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will Cameron's Euro referendum stop UKIP?

I admit I have not read ALL the coverage of Cameron's EuroReferendum pledge in its totality, but the huge wodges that I have read have missed out on one important fact:  

Cameron has shot Nigel Farage's fox.

Look at the 2015 election from the point of a right wing Little Englander Mail/Express/Sun victim reader for whom the No 1 political problem facing Britain is the fact that we are in the EU.

Who does the Europhobe vote for?
Cameron, who has pledged to hold a referendum on Europe, and who stands a reasonable chance of getting into power, or
Farage, who has maybe a partial chance of securing maybe 1 single solitary MP in the next Parliament?

The discerning Europhobe (oxymoron alert) will vote for Cameron. Fair play to Farage, who has pushed Cameron into his dangerous and potentially costly Europosition, but the fact remains that Cameron (or any Conservative who may succeed him as leader) is the only person who can deliver a referendum.

99% of UKIP votes will disappear into nothingness in 2014, as is normal under the FPTP system.

Of course, most Ukippers are not discerning, and will not understand this fact. So Cameron's desperate ploy will serve only to slow down, not stop, the haemorrhage of Conservative voters to UKIP.
Dave has caved in to the bullies and given them his dinner money, but they will be lying in wait for him tomorrow, ready to relieve him of his new trainers.

Poor Cameron. He's shot Farage's fox, but still the Eurobullies hate him.

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