Thursday, July 10, 2014

New wiki on VIP Child Sexual Abuse in the UK

I have created a wiki here, simply because I couldn't get my head around the vast body of information that has been coming out since the festering abscess that was Jimmy Savile has burst. My wiki orders and manages the information. It is by no means complete - that's the point, anyone can add stuff they feel is missed out.

I like wikis. They are of course the basis for Wikipedia, bur anyone can set them up. I use Wikidot, which is free, clean and friendly. 

Please visit, read it, and let me know what you think. 

This is a serious and very important topic. The bottom line is that it looks very much as if a group of deluded men who have no true regard for the feelings and lives of children have wormed their way into positions of authority in our political establishment. They have got to be outed. To do this, we need to spread understanding of what is happening. 

I hope you will find that helps with this understanding.

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