Saturday, April 04, 2015

Stimulating the Green Sector of the Economy

On Wednesday 8th the Weston Parliamentary candidates have our second hustings, this time with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ltd. You have to book and pay to attend. 

One of the things I want to communicate is that Green economics offers growth to a big section to the business community. In fact the green economy has done very well in the crashed caused by the banks and prolonged by George Osborne. 

One of the things I would do if elected is to get the DWP to agree to run a pilot in North Somerset for businesses in the green sector to take on new workers as if the JSA were basic Income - Green Wage Subsidy.

These are the sections which will benefit 


1. Energy conservation
2. Renewable energy technologies
3. Energy efficient goods manufacture
4. Public transport
5. Cyclepaths, walkways

Throughput of materials

6. Pollution control technology
7. Waste minimisation
8. Repair
9. Reclamation
10. Recycling
11. Manufacture (and export) of durable, quality goods

Foundations of the Economy

12. Water management
13. Sustainable agriculture (organic and related methods of farming)
14. Forestry
15. Processes that use timber
16. Countryside management
17. House refurbishment, bringing empty houses back into use
18. Housing - new social housing with high conservation specifications

Quality of Life

19. Improvements to visual environment (e.g. painting of street furniture)
20. Education and training
21. Counselling, caring and healing
22. Community work
23. Leisure and tourism
24. Innovation, research and development in these fields

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