Saturday, September 19, 2020



He used to run ahead,

Stop, sniff, and raise his leg

Marking this bush, that fallen tree

Making this wood his own domain

Happy and free.


And where the foot-worn way

Divided, he'd always stop and stay 

Three paces on the lower fork

That led down to the deeper wood

Which promised him a longer walk -


and deer. Gave us that backward look

To see which of the paths we took.

And if we'd follow him,

Take off, given his head,

Ears flapping in the wind.


And if we chose the path that led

Up to the open hill instead 

He'd register the way it went

Without resentment or complaint,

Change to our path and run ahead


Happy to be alive.




(c) Richard Lawson

Dolberrow feb 2017

 Today is the fourth anniversary of Vejer's passing

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