Thursday, April 23, 2009

That budget - leading the world in make-believe

Image of "Dump" : hat tip to Zens, because it came to mind on hearing Darling's speech.

As for the Budget, it really does not seem worth a mention. The Green Party's full proposals are here.

The climate change measures are even less (£380m)than the paltry (£5000m figures we expected.

The car scrappage scheme is just a handout to the car industry. The better way would be to stimulate the retro fitting of efficient engines into older but otherwise sound vehicles.

£420 million for housebuilding (more than climate change, note). But what is the point of this if no-one can get mortgages to buy the finished product? Better to have put forward money to enable people at risk of eviction to stay put - "A right to rent policy so that homeowners unable to meet mortgage payments and under threat of repossession could transfer ownership of the home, at less than market value, to the council, and then remain in the home as council tenants". that we adopted in 2008.

And so on. I just cannot be arsed with NuLabour's maunderings today - the sunlit garden calls.

Darling still prattles of Britain leading the world on climate change. The words "reality" and "losing grasp on" come to mind.

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