Monday, January 17, 2011

Debating Lansley's NHS reforms on Bristol Radio

I was woken by Radio Bristol asking if I could contribute to a programme this morning about Lansley's NHS "reforms".

So I did.  I was first on, and I said that this is a major step towards privatising the NHS, because GPs will be required to put out to tender. It will cost £3 billion, which is stupid in a time of austerity.  And that change should come bottom-up, not top-down. And I said that people should get out on the streets if they want to keep an NHS.

I listened to the subsequent discussion, and although most were against the new reforms, there was no sense of urgency about it.

People will one day get fired up about the NHS, but not yet. Not until it is too late.

"Don't it always seem to go,
So you don't know what you've got 'til its gone?
They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot" - Joni Mitchell.

This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that Radio Bristol has contacted me. Which is nice. All about medical matters.

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That should do. 


    Skip Hire Croydon said...

    Our NHS is all over the place, every year we are promised change, reform, cuts, better quality, however all we end up with is arguments, debates and not a lot of action.

    DocRichard said...

    The action we need is continual improvements in the way health care is actually delivered, for instance, in management of food intolerance. That offers huge savings in future health care. Organisational change aimed at privatisation is the last thing we need.